We help to process your patients’ data

Create your appointment list, let people register to you, remind them about visits, and keep all files in one convenient place

Patients and their appointments all in one place

Save information about your patients and appointments


Build patient cards where you save all the necessary information, including patient files


Use the calendar to set appointments and use automated reminders system for you, your employees, and patients


Record information about your patient’s history. Use the quick overview to glance at the current situation


Add events to the calendar to help keep your schedule organized


Add follow-up tasks, remind both parties about the upcoming event and agenda in a calendar


Keep all the files secured on a client card and let only those allowed access it

Add an appointment form to your website

Just place a link on your website to the appointment form and let people register for appointments in the selected time slots by themselves

A simple list of appointments

Keep an eye on what's coming in the upcoming dates

Improve your client management

start collecting the data your business needs to thrive!